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Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Suicide Squad trailer review

 That will be diving into spoiler territory. Territory, so if this seen the film yet and don’t want to be spoiled turn off the podcast now and come back to us later. So I’ll give you folks a minute. Here we go moment of silence is passed. Let’s get into it. Sean. Overall. What did you think of the film? I was pleasantly surprised I’ve seen like reviews are wildly varying and I feel like your acceptance of this movie will is just a litmus test of your feeling about Zack Snyder’s Vision for these characters in this universe.........


I feel like it’s very snacks Zack Snyder that ever that nightmare sequence. And yeah, it is interesting to note that like you can see how Zack Snyder had been seating this for a while. There was a bit of a this kind of, you know planned out Universe. It is a bit of shame. guess do you would You want to see the dce you understood continue or?.........

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